Brass/Steel Pillars

Am I restricted to buying in 100's?

No. Brass/steel pillars are sold in moq's of 100, however you may order any quantity above this moq.

Are larger thread sizes available?

Yes. Stocked sizes go up to M6 (Brass), M5 (Steel) but G&B welcome enquiries for larger sizes as well as M3.5.

Are type A brass/steel pillars available?

Yes. These are available on request. As are type C steel pillars.

Can I specify different materials?

Yes. For example we are often requested for pillars to be manufactured in stainless steel or aluminium.

Can I specify different thread sizes at each end?

Yes. First determine the body size required for the larger thread and any smaller thread can be accommodated at the other end.

Can I specify the length of a pillar?

Yes. Other sizes can be manufactured to your specification.

Can I specify the length of the male/female threads?

Yes. Again standard thread length/depth sizes apply to stocked sizes as detailed. But should you require longer/shorter male or shorter/deeper female sizes these can be accommodated.

Can they be supplied in different finishes?

Yes. Generally brass pillars are supplied in a bright nickel and steel in a zinc and passivate finish. But other finishes are available upon request.

What about special features such as screwdriver slots?

G&B are manufacturers and so screwdriver slots, cross holes etc. can be supplied upon request.

What specification is the material?

CZ 121 brass and 230M07 steel