Key Benefits

Adaptability, Shock Resistance & Insulation

Adaptability (Round Nylon Pillars only)

As well as keeping popular Nylon Pillar sizes in stock for immediate delivery, we also provide, in-house manufacture of any custom length* at NO EXTRA COST. Our regular sizes increment in 5mm steps and also include exact metric equivalents to imperial sizes. the price for a custom length Pillar will be the same as that for the nearest longer standard size. For instance, that means a 22.6mm Pillar will cost you no more than a 25mm Pillar. Minimum order quantity remains at 100 units, as with our standard stock. Delivery for custom sizes is usually less than three days.

In addition, on-site manufacturing means we can rapidly and economically alter other attributes, such as body style, body diameter, thread type and thread length to your exact requirements. Our additional charge is just 15% for each customised attribute. As an example, you can specify a 37.5mm round Nylon Pillar featuring an M3 female insert at one end and a 20mm long M4 male thread at the other. the price would be the same as a 40mm Pillar plus 30% for the two special attributes. Delivery is normally less than one week.

*above the minimum body length

Shock Resistance (Round, Hexagonal & Micro Pillars)

The innovative design of the G&B brass insert makes the standoff inherently resistant to shock from incidents that typically cause inferior products to fail, for example vibration is use, movement in transit, accidental falls etc. The exceptional strength and resilience of our Nylon Pillars come from a combination of the solid body style and the location of the insert within the body. To date, we have never known a G&B-designed insert to disengage from the nylon body in any practical application.

As part of our development strategy, we continue to monitor plastics materials but currently insist upon deploying only the highest grade virgin Nylon 66 to deliver the superior characteristics you expect from G&B.

Insulation (Round, Hexagonal & Micro Pillars)

In many applications, the specification for a supporting standoff calls for electrical insulation properties. Clearly, metal pillars cannot deliver this while solid plastic pillars are rarely able to provide the required strength. The optimum solution is a Nylon Pillar. G&B Nylon Pillars offer excellent insulation characteristics, thanks to the solid nylon body that minimises flashover and eliminates the internal current tracking issues found in some hollow designs. Mechanical resilience under compression comes from the high grade Nylon 66 material we deploy, while superior strength under tension is a function of our innovative insert design.