Nylon Pillars

Am I restricted to buying in 100's?

No. All nylon pillars are sold in moq's of 100, however you may order any quantity above this moq.

Are nylon pillars shock resistant?

Yes all round, hexagonal and micro pillars are shock resistant. Please see our section on shock resistance.

Can I specify a smaller thread size?

You can with round pillars. For example you may wish to specify an M3 thread within a body diameter of 12.7 instead of the standard M6.

Can I specify different materials?

Yes. For example we are often requested for round pillars to be manufactured in ptfe.

Can I specify different thread sizes at each end?

This can be done with round nylon pillars. First determine the body size required for the larger thread and any smaller thread can be accommodated at the other end.

Can I specify the length of a pillar?

Yes. With Round and Hexagonal Pillars although minimum body sizes are determined by the size of thread, any lengths may be specified above that minimum.

Can I specify the length of the male/female threads?

Yes. With round and hexagonal pillars standard thread length/depths apply to stock sizes as detailed. But should you require longer/shorter male or deeper female sizes these can be accommodated.

Can the nylon body be supplied in different colours?

Yes. Alternative colours are available upon request.

Do nylon pillars provide insulation?

Yes all round, hexagonal and micro pillars provide insulation. Please see our section on insulation.

I notice that G&B suggest minimum body lengths. Can these be reduced if smaller thread sizes are

Yes, again with round nylon pillars. For example if you require a body dia. of 12.7 With M3 threads the mimimum body length would be 10mm. (An M4 would be 12.7mm etc.)

What about special features such as screwdriver slots?

G&B are manufacturers and so screwdriver slots, cross holes etc. and plated inserts can be supplied upon request.

What is the operating temperature of Nylon 66 and Nylon 6?

-30°c to +85°c

What type of material is the nylon?

Round and hexagonal are manufactured in Nylon 66. Micro pillars are manufactured in Nylon 6.